If you're looking for a company you can depend on and keep you busy make sure you email us right away. We have Volvo 780 Trucks 2015-2017 and we are needing driver. Good miles and good pay.
We are hiring! CDL class A driver needed!
Driving truck with a 48' 53' flatbed
Looking for Truckers - Over the Road drivers who are willing to run.
We pay $ 2,500+ per week ( $ .50 - $ .57 cpm + extra pay for stops/pick/drop/tarp/parcel).
$ 5,000 sign in bonus
$ 1 K - 1st level inspection bonus etc.

Class A Commercial Driver’s License
Minimum 25 years of age
Minimum 1 year of driving experience and clean MVR

It's time to drive with us
CALL US AT: (312) 206-5503

  • Ad ID: t6n2psn8
  • Location: Chicago, IL
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